our team

Without pretention or illusions, we look beyond tradition to create spirits like no other

– complex, distinctive, and eminently drinkable.

Ruben Maduro


From an early age I learned that life tastes better when you work with the best available ingredients…With a strong passion for rum, one day I looked around and was disappointed to see that many rums often contain artificial flavouring and taste of cheap vanilla.

It’s what ignited a simple but bold mission to introduce a new way how rum is made. By re-distilling and infusing rums from across the World with real botanicals. It’s our mission to create rums that are better tasting and better for the World.

Rogier Post


Absolutely passionate about hospitality and gastronomy, Rogier is packed with years of experience working in multiple segments of the bar and restaurant industry. He’s now joined the Union to strengthen the position of Union55 rum in the Amsterdam area.

Marjolein Pot


Having worked as a master distiller at Mr. Mofongo in Groningen, she’s worked on numerous new spirits and liqueurs. Passionate about flavour dynamics she’s heading the distillery production team.

Koen Opperman


Koen has joined the team as a true allrounder early 2018. Keeping busy with events, marketing, activations and the operations side of things.  


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